medical family insurance Plans

medical family insurance Plans

The family medical insurance plans designed for your family. They are guaranteed renewable for life and for the year for all ages. They focus on the family or the family of foreigners living and traveling abroad on a regular basis. Our global family medical insurance adviser can help you choose the best plan for your family to ensure the best service and the best plan for the needs of your family '.


 Pre-Yom 's Academy will be calculated according to age and country where you live, occupation or nationality you are. The family medical insurance plans that are not linked to specific countries. In most cases, when you and your family move to a different location, you can take your policy with you and your coverage will not change. Family insurance plan can be customized to include maternity, dental, personal accident, disease and travel. If you want to keep your premiums low, our consultants can offer suggestions on deductibles (excess) option that will work best for your financial situation and your medical. If you have a chronic medical condition before or a member of our staff will be happy to help you choose the best plan with the insurance to cover such conditions. Please contact us for more information


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