Liberty National Life Insurance Associates

Liberty National Life Insurance Associates

The company, Liberty Insurance, National (LNL) is located in McKinney, Texas, has provided life and health insurance for more than 100 years of LNL for individual coverage through the sale of the home and workplace LNL license. 49 states with thousands of representatives of commercial and administrative offices in the United States, LNL has more than $ 43 billion of insurance in force and more than 4.1 million policies (to 12/10), Liberty National is a supplier proven. Section 125, the insurance plan for working through the section 125, the company is able to offer its employees benefits plans at no cost to the employer company is a subsidiary of Torchmark Corporation (NYSE: TMK ), followed by in McKinney, Texas.Liberty National Life Insurance Company traces its origins to August 27, 1900, when his predecessor was founded as the heralds of freedom, a fraternal organization. The goal is to expand the concept of social practice, and to relieve the discomfort of the people of Lahore for the members and the interests of their subordinates and relief of suffering for the widow and orphans, etc., and other dependents . It 'was founded on the principle of respect for Christians who follow the cardinal virtues of loyalty to the government and give examples of the practice of brotherhood. Subsequently, in June 1921 changed its name to Liberty Insurance Company by the Deputy Director of Security Robert Davison Commission and Frank Samford in 1929, LNL was founded as a limited company and its name was changed to the Liberty. National Insurance. During the decade of 1930, LNL 30 million dollars of life insurance in force in 1944, the acquisition of Brown - Service, the market success of the insured services that customers and retailers throughout the North. Alabama is probably the most important event in the history of the company has expanded to serve the state of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.In 1950, LNL for $ 500 million of insurance in force in 1960, the company has grown and acquired products of other companies' products to its portfolio to include more different. The most famous of the political leadership for cancer and is very popular. In addition, a financial service for customers to expand rapidly in 1970, the company of $ 5 billion of insurance in force in 1980 after the acquisition continues the Company, Liberty Insurance, National Holding. Torchmark Corporation is the parent company of national liberation and in the important voices of the New York Stock Exchange since 1990, LNL has reached $ 35 billion of insurance in force.Today to life and health insurance for individuals. Medicare and supplements. There is also a constant presence in the arena of LNL.More than 30 consecutive years, Liberty National was rated voltage + (Superior) by AM Best securities companies (to 6 / 11) LNL has also been ranked AA - "very strong" for financial strength by Standard & Poor's ( to 5 / 11) A1 for financially strong insurers by Moody (as of 3 / 11), and A + "Strong" for insurer financial strength by Fitch (as of the day. 1 / 11) every year since 1995 , Liberty National has been named to Ward's 50 list of a healthy lifestyle. The Ward is a consultant and analyst specializing in the insurance industry] Ward 50 analysis is based on financial performance for a period of five years, more than 800 insurance companies that were included in the year. Award of the 2009 top 50 insurance companies must have at least five consecutive years of historical performance and transmission reliability and performance measurement of the screen. Ward, looking for companies that have exceeded the industry of the key factors, including: financial stability, growth, income, location, cost / surplus by the return distribution and financial, Ward 50 companies. have the ability to grow their business profitably in a changing market situation years ago. Top performers understand that a powerful performance advantage of the wholesale price for the customer. They provide the customer at the center of every business decision


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