Europe industry Insurance Sectors

Europe industry Insurance Sectors

This report updates the report of the European insurance act, a focus on markets in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.The current environment - what is important.- European insurance sector growth in the second half of 2007 was the opening of new markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with assets invested in Western Europe is growing steadily.- This market is still weak in many areas with tighter margins and pressure on profitability and growth.- European equity markets saw volatile trading range over the past six months as concerns about the impact of U.S. subprime mortgage crisis continued to dominate sentiment.- DJ STOXX index of European insurers fell nearly 10% from June to December, underperforming the FTSE insurance by almost 6%.In Europe, the insurance giant's stock prices to their lowest level in more than risky subprime fear of them.- Europe's move into a new era of faster, more complex and competitive, and the sun was in the midst of globalization, the increasing movement of investors and the rapid growth of private companies.Details and Industry - Critical Issues.- The insurance industry in Europe, the largest insurance market in the world with very impressive growth in Eastern Europe and strong growth in the economy at large, more mature in Western Europe.- Premium income for the European insurance market grew by 4.8% in 2006, the superior -1,000,000,000,000 (U.S. $ 1.48 trillion) mark for the first time, according to CEA.Life Insurance Life insurance is more effective than its impressive growth rate of 5.3%.- Europe's auto insurance market is slowing in most of the large number of auto insurance in the continental margin squeeze.In 2006, the inflation adjusted premium collected by insurance totaled car. -128.9 Billion. (U.S. $ 190.59 billion), a fall of 1%, despite an increase in the number of vehicles on the market.- No need to create a single market for insurance, retail trade in the European Union (EU) is growing due to hedging contracts covering the EU and is covered by the insurer that is controlled by the European Union. conflict of law rules laid down in the European Union to the insurance.Market Trends and Outlook - Key Points.- Implementation of II dissolved in 2012, should put the EU at the forefront of the world of insurance regulation.Melt II will allow insurers to acknowledge the risk and will need to hold different amounts of risk.- European captive insurance market continues to grow, although not as fast as experienced in the late 1990s, and also the way to go before truly have effective risk management.- The Takaful or Islamic insurance in Europe is still in its infancy, and in cooperation with the U.S., accounting for only 1% of the revenue from the global Takaful.Takaful or Islamic insurance, but has great potential in Europe.- The insurance industry in Europe is expected to face challenges in 2008, a technical analyst would see a recession in the U.S. is going to be more realistic.- In Western Europe, more regulation and tastes change, the more severe conditions for the insurance sector; However, this should be partly offset by growth in Eastern Europe.


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