insurance jobs : Insurance Advisor

insurance jobs : Insurance Advisor

Insurance as a consultant to conduct a study of buildings, machinery, transport and other sites or items that need to be insured.You can produce reports to assist in underwriting decisions regarding the terms and conditions of insurance policies. Which normally have experience in the following areas:.

 Fires and disasters - control plan, construction and fire protection system for assessing the risk of building and contents.Accidents and responsibility - to assess the possible risk to employees, customers and visitors to the building or site.Security Engineering - A survey of plant machinery, industrial machinery and equipment failures and risks.Burglary and theft - control the workplace to determine how the security and storage.In every area you look closely at the company or the  construction of health and safety systems and procedures.Hours and environment.The standard working hours 9:00 to 5:00  Monday to Friday, although you may need to work long unsociable hours or participate in 'the' Rota.Your time is divided between the office and visit. Some jobs may involve working outdoors in all weather conditions and altitude.Skills and interests.As a consultant for the insurance you need.Good observation skills and attention to detail.I asked.Methodology to collect information.Good communication skills.Firmly but with tact and persuasive.Understanding of technical information and planning and the ability to explain clearly to non-specialists.Drafting of the report.Computer skills.The ability to work alone and as part of a team.Out.You will need a lot of experience in the insurance industry. (Usually the Lead Underwriter) or relevant qualifications and professional experience, such as safety engineering, construction, health and safety or fire.Some large insurance companies use a training course for new entrants. These often require a good degree (2:1 or above) in a relevant subject such as science, business insurance and risk management, the construction of detection.If you have an insurance fund, employers expect to have a professional qualification for success as an Insurance Certificate of Insurance Institute (CII) and the Diploma in Insurance.

Formation.You will receive training in working with an experienced inspector to gain experience before working on their own, some companies offer training at home.If you are not qualified insurance professional, your employer expects to qualify as an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) studying for the CII Advanced Diploma in Insurance. You can do it courses through the day, evening or distance learning - take a look at the CII website for more details.You can also choose to study for professional qualifications to the instance.Institute of Risk Management (IRM), Certification and Diploma in Risk Management.The Audit Committee of the National Safety and Health (NEBOSH) Certificate.Short courses conducted by the CII and IRM can help keep your skills up to date throughout your career.PossibilityIt may work for a large insurance company or insurance broker, consultant or expert survey on risk management.It may be an advertisement at the local, national, and hit the insurance and financial services employment agency.With experience, you can explore the progress of senior or head of department. You can also move in the loss of insurance. Or you could become self-employed.Revenue per year.This figure is intended as a guide.Internship salary is around £ 22,000 a year.An experienced professional and qualified, earning between £ 30,000 and £ 50,000.Salaries can reach £ 100,000 a year


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