commercial auto insurance in Italy

commercial auto insurance in Italy

The most common form of insurance offered in today's car insurance is protection for policy holders against liability for damage and injury caused by accident. (Typically collisions of traffic) associated with the engine cover. no insurance, and other aspects of owning a policy by the insured and insurance companies.
News of the Italian motor insurance industry. As per the latest news of the Italian insurance industry's leading car company's car insurance has come in conflict with the national government has claimed that the insurance company in Italy that has been anti-competitive in the process of their business. In recent times the number of carriers of the Italian motor insurance industry has been fined nearly $ 328 billion. The company is expected to be in the insurance industry of Italy, has denied her that I could do this. They also have to resolve in the fight against the financial penalties on them. As the anti-monopoly in Italy almost 80 per cent of the industry's Motor Insurance of Italy with the exchange of vital information on each other, this has been done to bring about the plan set. prices will increase the price of car insurance policies in the Italian market. Antitrust authorities in Italy have revealed that the Italian car company that has not been issued against theft and fire coverage to consumers who have not bought a car service to cover the liability of them. Associazione Nazionale Fra le Imprese Im `prese ', a trade association of automobile insurance provider in Italy, has retorted that these insinuations about the agreement that there is not, in fact. As per the opinion of them in the exchange of sensitive information within the company has established and is the usual practice in the Italian motor insurance industry. They stressed that it is an established practice in the world, as well as information such as base rates are set. These allegations could the Italian government, has drawn flak from financial experts, Maurizio Lualdi that acts as a financial analyst with London-based Credit Suisse First Boston has to refer to these allegations. This is baseless, and why. He stressed that the Italian motor insurance industry has been loss making enterprises in the past decade. Italian auto insurance market was deregulated in 1994, this has led to the model and proliferations. Rate channels and products. In Italy the cost of auto insurance claims have been going up at a steady rate and this has led to an increase in the price of car insurance policies in Italy. In the Italian insurance market, 20 percent of car accidents, the insurance company payments for personal injury claims.The car uses a variety of methods to determine the rate of their customers in a highly competitive market, this includes (but is not limited to): gender, age, driving history, the classification of the marital status of the vehicle, the place where the parking and distance of approx. For the vehicle to be driven by some insurance companies now offer incentives to contractors who have an accident free for a year or more to stimulate interest in their services. Since the Internet has spread more and more car insurance company in the sector in which more readily took to the online business model when they see the benefit of wide access to their products with companies such as Esurance. , Geico and make progress on the road - for the more traditional units used by all states throughout the country and the state farm auto insurance industry is one of the most dynamic in the business world. 's Car insurance category which represents the final report of this industry include the rapid changes in the understanding of a variety of countries, companies and the global market as the market trends, estimates, insured, to,. and sales in foreign countries. And in the U.S. markets


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