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Amongst the 47 million Americans who don't have health insurance, 11 million of those are willingly uninsured, people who may not welcome Washington's efforts to make sure that all Americans have some kind of health coverage.
A public plan, privileged by Obama, would undermine competition in the health insurance market, Sen. John Cornyn says.
July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s committee will propose creating a government-backed substitute to private insurance designed to pay for itself after getting federal start-up money.
July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Edward Kennedy’s health committee released a new health-care overhaul plan that lawmakers said would lead to coverage for most Americans, in part by assessing fees on companies that don’t offer insurance.
WASHINGTON — By day, Dave Evans is a calm doctor at a small Madras family practice. He serves on the Aquatic Center board and raises two young children. But in his free time, Evans transforms into the leader of a 20,000-member group of physicians crusading for big changes in the U. S. health care system.
(ARA) - As the financial system continues to struggle, an growing figure of people are faced with the unfortunate prospect of losing their job.
President Barack Obama pitched his health change proposal Wednesday at a town hall meeting in Annandale, Va., asking the public and Congress to deliver on health care reform. The Associated Press reports that Obama put "a human face" on health care reform by hugging a cancer patient, but gave few new details on his health care reform plans.
As Senate and House committees negotiate a potential new health care system, the idea of insurance co-ops is gaining ground as an alternative to a government-run plan. The HealthPartners co-op in Minneapolis provides some insight into the ability of these plans to provide low-cost, high-quality care.
July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Edward Kennedy ’s health committee released a new health-care overhaul plan that would cover almost all Americans, in part by assessing fees on companies that don’t offer insurance, and cost almost $400 billion less than an earlier proposal.
As Congress prepares to do battle over health reform, a parallel dispute is shaping up among small-business groups that are staking out opposing positions on a key element of reform proposals: whether Uncle Sam will take on a bigger role in offering insurance coverage or leave the field to the private market.


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